Are you ready to have a little more time on your hands??

Are you nervous to outsource some of your tasks?

(That's understandable.......Before we get into the nitty-gritty, we'd like to reassure you that all of our team members are vetted, trained in the industry, HIPAA compliant and excited to get started.  There will be no daunting recruitment and training process for you... we have taken care of it all!

Also, because we are contractors, you don't have to worry about additional payroll taxes, recruitment, insurance, equipment or even office space like you would if you hired an employee... and....we are considered a business expense on your taxes! A win-win!)

What tasks do you DREAD doing every month or every week?

Those are the tasks we do! 

Client/Customer Care
  • client discovery calls and documentation
  • appointment setting
  • response to email inquiries
  • client/customer onboarding
  • CRM/EHR maintenance
  • client invoicing
  • medical billing
General Admin
  • email management
  • file organization
  • maintaining the practice calendar
  • social media announcements
  • website updates
Sensitive Executive Tasks
  • Exec./Owner email management
  • Exec./Owner calendar management
  • team member onboarding
  • development and maintenance of business budgets
  • accountant correspondence and file sharing
  • collaboration, accountability and strategy calls

Ready to offload some to-do's???

How does this work?


We'll connect and chat about your practice and the systems you currently have in place. We'll compile a list of tasks that can be delegated to free up YOUR time.


We'll add you to our Project Management System where you will find more detailed information about how to get things rolling so we can work together (password management, email, agreement, policies and procedures, etc..)


We'll get started right away orienting ourselves to your project and GETTING TASKS DONE



Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of a fellow practitioner about your ideas and plans?  Would it be helpful to have someone who knows the business to hold you accountable or walk through your current systems with?

This is one of Nicole's most beloved and requested services!  Contact us for more details!



We are ready to be at your service EVERY month!

Just like no patient is the same, no practice is the same!

To make getting help easier to budget for, we offer all of our services as pre-paid monthly packages, starting at just $249/mo.!

These packages are crafted individually based on the needs of YOUR practice.

Please contact us for more details.

Worried you can't afford help? Let's do a little math, shall we?

Doing everything on your own (no fun!)

$0.00 - for 8 missed sessions

$0.00- for 8+ hours of your time completing practice management tasks

$0.00- nothing to show for your time and a very stressed service provider

Hiring a VA to take care of things

$800.00 - for 8 treatment sessions you were able to complete

$344.00- for 8 hours (or less because we are fast!) of VA time

$456.00- In your pocket!!!...

...and SANITY! Who can put a price on that!!??

Ready to get started?

Please fill out the contact form and we will be in touch soon!


Have more questions? Please fill out my contact form to get in touch!

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