We Take Care of Therapists' To-Do's!

Do you Wonder How Other Practitioners manage to Keep Growing Their practices and somehow maintain their Sanity?

They hire the RIGHT help at the RIGHT time...........

We are a virtually based team of professionals (with backgrounds in therapy) who work with private practitioners in the "in between" stages of growth.

Has your practice grown to be too much for one person to handle but you can't afford or don't have the time to manage a team?

Do you find yourself with a never ending To-Do list that holds you back from taking on the higher level view of your business that you need to help it grow?

It Sounds Like You May Be Ready for US!!

Picture yourself one year from now… taking a stress-free vacation secure in the thought that everything back home is running just fine.. Crazy, right?  IT IS POSSIBLE!

Let's Work Together

Step 1- Consult Call

Sometimes you just need another brain to run things by or to see the bigger picture...

Step 2- Set Up

Let's organize that To-Do list... and get prepped and ready..

Step 3- Take Care of my Tasks!

Here is where the work is done!  We stay on top of all of your To-Do's..

Check out what others have to say about us!!

I was experiencing overwhelm with all of the business management tasks that were piling up: invoices, emails, inquiries about services, generating superbills, running payroll, managing enrollment for services, onboarding volunteers and employees, marketing/advertising, social media management, finances, taxes, bookkeeping, managing logistics of service provision....it was all TOO MUCH for one person to handle!

Since hiring Nicole and her team I have found confidence and peace! I feel confident Your Admin Solution has all the loose ends of my business tied up and under control!  Systems are in place to let me sleep peacefully at night as a business owner, knowing that everything is taken care of. I truly feel Your Admin Solution has the success of my business as a top priority.  They are an insightful business partner, not just an administrative service.

I am deeply grateful for their services and actually ENJOY my life as a business owner now!

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Laura Figueroa, MS, OTR/L


As a new private practice owner, I was becoming overwhelmed with trying to perform the administrative side of running a business while continuing to treat kiddos. I was living in a state of organized chaos. I was spending more time on things I did not enjoy and less time doing what I love.

Nicole has helped me streamline my business, improve efficiency, and relieve the stress associated with trying to run a clinic effectively while providing quality therapy. I am now able to focus my attention on what I do best, while she takes care of the rest.

Take the leap of faith! You won’t regret it! Nicole has exceeded my expectations in all areas and given me a sense of peace I hadn’t felt since starting out in private practice.

Dana Evans, MS, OTR/L

Connecting Dots Therapy

Nicole was willing to help me when I needed her the most. She was and is amazing.  Since taking the jump to utilizing her services, my sleep has improved and my stress has diminished. Not to mention I have more money, less debt and stopped living paycheck to paycheck and all my bills are taken care of! If you are on the fence about hiring Your Admin Solution, JUST DO IT! Only good things will happen.

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Dr. Michelle Dodge, DC


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As a productivity-obsessed, admin nerd and pediatric Occupational Therapy provider with over 15+ years of experience, I strive to make YOUR life as easy as possible.

I know first hand the stress that service providers are under to increase productivity and stay on top of the never-ending paperwork.  My team and I use our knowledge of current digital platforms and experience in working with multiple other successful service-based businesses to analyze and streamline your business systems and FREE UP YOUR TIME.

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